Complete Change of clothes to keep at school
1 Box of Tissue
Container of Clorox wipes
An old T-Shirt to wear when painting
1 Binder with Pockets


Rug or mat for rest period  5 quart ice cream bucket with lid
8 oz. bottle of "Elmer's” glue  Six #2 pencils
One eraser  Paint shirt/child's name printed on it
Box of 24 crayons  Large book bag
1 two-pocket folder  Large Box of kleenex tissues
1 Package Clorox Antibacterial Wipes  

Please label all of your child's supplies except for the ice cream bucket & folder.


First Grade

Pencil Box (5x8x2)     8 EXPO Black Skinny Dry Erase Markers
4" to 5" pointed scissors   Expo skinny dry erase markers (Multi-colored)
1 dozen #2 pencils  1- Boxes of 24 crayons 
Large pink eraser    Paint shirt
2 colored pens   1-2 pocket colored folder
Large box of Kleenex type tissues    


Second Grade

1 dozen #2 pencils   4" to 5" pointed scissors   
1 - large eraser Large box of Kleenex tissues
Small Pencil Box  4 Glue Sticks
1 - Box of crayons  1 - Set of black dry erase markers   
1 - Set of washable markers     


Third Grade

Small Pencil Box  Two - 7 1/2"x 9 3/4" composition books
2 - Dozen #2 Pencils   Box of crayons (24 or 48 count)
1 - Set of dry erase markers  One - 8 Count Wide Tip Marker Set   
4" to 5" Pointed Scissors   3 - Two pocket folders
Large box of Kleenex tissues    3 or 4 Pencil erasers


Fourth Grade

#2 pencils    Pencil case or box (small)
pencil erasers 
 dry erase markers
Pocket folder 
2 glue sticks 
2 pkgs. 150-250 count wide line notebook paper  1 - 1 subject spiral notebook 
One pkg. 3" X 5" lined index cards  

Box of kleenex type tissues

3 - Non-spiral composition notebooks   

Fifth Grade

pencil bag (zipper pouch) to hold the pencils
loose leaf paper (wide or college ruled)
pencils & erasers (erasers and pencil top erasers) backpack (big enough for school supplies and homework to fit in.
dry erase markers Crayons, Colored Pencils (optional... not sure how much we'd use them)

4 composition books ( 1 for math, 1 for reading, 1 for writing and 1 for science/social studies