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Application for Certified Staff
Are you a former NBC Public Schools Employee?
If you are offered a position at NBC, do you agree to allow NBC to conduct a background check?
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Activtes: Check any of the following which you would be willing to sponsor, direct, coach or manage.
High School Education
Student Teaching
College or Universities Attended
Educational Work Experience

List names and addresses of persons who are qualified to answer questions concerning your fitness for the position you seek. Include especially supervisors, principals and superintendents under whom you have taught in the past 15 years. If you have not taught previously, include the names of cooperating teachers, college or university supervisors and building principals who have been associated with your student teaching. Indicate with an (*) any reference which is included in your credentials.


NOTE: Please include or have references sent. Be certain that they are up to date. It is important to include evaluations from principals, superintendents, or supervisors under whom you have taught or worked.

Veteran Preference

If you wish to be considered for a Veterans Preference please indicate ___ Yes ___ No, and submit the appropriate documentation with your application. Note: This section is optional; you need to request a Veterans Preference even if you are eligible, and if you do not request the preference, you need not submit information about your veteran status.

Applicant Veteran
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Disabled Veteran
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Spouse of 100% Disabled Veteran?
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Spouse of Veteran on active duty at this time or within 180 days of the spouse’s discharge or separation of service.
Are you now under contract?
Have you previously filed a written application for employment with NBC Public Schools?
Have you ever had failed or refused to fulfill a contract of employment with any school district?
Have you ever had a diploma, credential, or certificate denied or revoked
Personal Disclosure