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"Building Success Together"


The Mission of "Building Success Together" is central to the success of North Bend Central Public Schools.  The Togetherness begins with four goals developed by the Board of Education: Technology Advancement, Facilities Improvements, Professional Development and, Career Education.  Assessment data displays tremendous student achievement, with academic expectations a critical piece of the district's mission.  Check out NBC's tradition of academic success and progress related to the four Board goal -- you will like what you see!


The NBC Pillars of Student Success of Technology, Responsibility, Health and Well-Being, Communication and Problem-Solving fit well with the district's Mission Statement and Board of Education Goals and creates a concentrated approach to assisting students in their educational journey through NBC.


North Bend Central, located 45 minutes from both Lincoln and Omaha, is a thriving school system providing academic excellence by Building Success Together!



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The North Bend School District Requests your help in locating handicapped children. The schools implement the Federal Handicapped Children's Act (PL 94-142), which guarantees a free appropriate educational program for all children between the ages of 0 and 21 years of age. If you have a student or know of any young person with special needs between 0-21 years of age who is not enrolled in an appropriate education program, please call 402/562-3268 or write to: North Bend Central School District, PO Box 160, North Bend NE, 68649.

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