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On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to welcome you to the North Bend Central Foundation’s web page. We hope you’ll learn a lot about the Foundation and consider making a donation to help us provide scholarships and fund projects that benefit North Bend Central Public School students. And, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at “NBC Foundation”.  

Thank you.  
Jim Havelka,
Board of Trustees Chairman

About the NBC Foundation

The North Bend Central Foundation is a non-profit PK-12 educational foundation whose purposes include providing college scholarships to graduates of NBC High School and funding teacher-initiated projects that benefit the students of North Bend Central Public Schools.  The Foundation was formed in 1988 and became an affiliate of the Fremont Area Community Foundation in 2001.  Since its inception, the NBC Foundation has awarded 298 scholarships valued at more than $212,000 and awarded approximately $105,000 in grants for teacher projects.


The NBC Foundation is NOT a governmental unit and does not receive any tax support. Donations from alumni, community members, and other patrons are its main source of revenue. The Foundation’s assets are divided into a general operating fund which finances the annual Board of Trustees scholarships and teacher-initiated project grants, several family memorial scholarship accounts, and the Kay Eveland Memorial Fund which supports additional teacher projects and professional development. The NBC Foundation is affiliated with the Fremont Area Community Foundation for fund management and investment. All donations to the NBC Foundation are fully tax-deductible. The Foundation has no paid staff.

SAC FIELD TRIP--The Pandemic has slowed us down a bit, but before it struck the NBC Foundation was able to fund field trips like this one to the SAC Museum for elementary students. In 2021-22, field trips are back on the agenda of increasing opportunities for our students.

Contributing to the NBC Foundation

Thanks once again to the generosity of our contributors, the NBC Foundation was able to provide a tremendous amount of support for students and staff at North Bend Central Public Schools this year.  For 2021-22 approximately $38,000 has been budgeted for Foundation activities by the NBC Foundation Board.  That figure includes $23,900 in Foundation scholarships and family memorial scholarships administered by the Foundation, and approximately $15,031 in teacher project grants. The Board anticipates more teacher grants as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic diminishes.  Details on the scholarships and teacher project grants approved in April can be found on this web page. The recent growth of the Foundation has been tremendous and it’s all because YOU – our generous contributors – have come through for our school. 


Will You Help Again This Year?

Every $25, $50, or $100 donation generates full or partial matching funds and directly benefits North Bend Central Public Schools students and teachers.  Contributions are fully tax deductible because of our affiliation with the Fremont Area Community Foundation.  The NBC Foundation is NOT a governmental unit and receives no tax support.

Contributions can be sent to the Foundation via the NBCPS Superintendent's Office.  A donation form is provided below for your convenience.  Your support for the Foundation's scholarships and project grants will be greatly appreciated.

Bountiful Harvests Can Yield Opportunities

Cash isn’t the only way to contribute to the NBC Foundation -- sometimes giving a commodity makes good economic sense.   Farmers can make an “above the line” (ie. before adjusted gross income) charitable donation of grain to the Foundation.  When sold by the Foundation, the proceeds can be used to fund our scholarships or teacher projects.  Recently, a local farm family endowed a long-term scholarship with a gift of corn.  For further information on how to make a Gift of Grain, contact Foundation Board Chairman Jim Havelka at (402) 620-1705 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Kinman-Oldfield Challenge

The NBC Foundation benefits each year from a matching grant from the Kinman-Oldfield Foundation.   Kinman-Oldfield matches the first $2,000 we raise in local funds at 100 percent and each additional $1,000 at 25 percent.  For 2021 we have applied for a $5,000 matching grant which, combined with local donations, will allow the NBC Foundation to award a record amount in scholarships and grants to NBCPS students and teachers.  Thanks again, NBC Foundation donors!

NBC Foundation Board Members Mark Flamme, Patrice Hines and Robin Widhelm receive a check for $4553.51 from Leigh Feala of Fremont Area Community Foundation representing our share of the 2021 Big Give donations. THANKS very much to our generous donors.

Fremont Area Big Give Helps NBC Foundation      

The Fremont Area Big Give...was very successful for the NBC Foundation. Thanks to our generous donors, we qualified for a $1,000 incentive grant sponsored by the Scribner Bank and Dodge County Convention and Visitors Bureau.   Thanks to all who donated, including: Jason/Leigh Feala, Fred/Lois Lambley, Cheryl Kavan, Larry/Cheryl Feala, Micky Tank, Rick/Jan Hobza, Amy Reznicek, Michael Guilliatt, Eric/Laura Chvatal, Bev Grueber, Tom/Marlene Johnson, Melissa Cody, Rich/Melissa Samuelson, Jim/Diane Hines, Cara Hines, Cheryl Whietfeld, Lon/Carol Bohling, Brenda Robinson, Mark/Patrice Hinis, Christian Liekhus, Deborah M. Andrews, Brent Karnatz, Olivia Flamme, Susan Minarick Bayer, Mark Flamme, Laura (Hines) Lancaster, Carolyn Franzluebbers, Katy Bode, Tom/Deanna Wolf, Platte Valley Bank, Kinsey Wemhoff, Jana Post, Ken/Pat Beebe, Robin Widhelm, Jerry/Cecilia Hall, John/Mary Buller, Jim/Linda Havelka, Mary Le Arneal, Steve/Sharen Minarick, and Pat Ruzicka.

NBC Foundation Newsletter

Click on the button below for the NBC Foundation’s Summer Newsletter. We hope you’ll enjoy reading more about NBC Foundation activities and that you’ll consider a contribution to further the Foundation’s work for North Bend Central Public Schools.

Class of 2021 Awarded Scholarships 

Our Board scholars are: (front)...Emily Brodd, Grace Hunke, Hanna Williams, Kaila Lorence, Samantha McDonald, Rachel Adams, Bethany Wiebold, Riley Hall and Kendyl Boyce; (rear)...Daniel Richardson, Charles Madson, Austin Taylor, Jaxon Wietfeld, Owen Brodd and Carter Richardson.

NBC Foundation Family Scholarship winners for 2021 are: Emily Brodd, Kaila Lorence, Grace Hunke and Jaxon Wietfeld.

Winners of the Board scholarships and their college plans are:

  • Rachel Adams: UNL, Agriculture Education
  • Kendyl Boyce: UNL, Undecided
  • Emily Brodd: Wayne State, Elementary/Special Education
  • Owen Brodd: Wayne State, Mass Communication/Electronic Media
  • Riley Hall: Wayne State, Fashion Merchandising
  • Grace Hunke: Wayne State, Agriculture Communications
  • Kaila Lorence: UNL, Architecture
  • Charles Madsen: UNO, Business Finance
  • Samantha McDonald: Midland University, Equine Industry
  • Carter Richardson: UNO, Neuroscience
  • Daniel Richardson: UNK, Biology
  • Austin Taylor: UNL, Mechanized Systems Management
  • Bethany Wiebold: Harvard Univeristy, Government
  • Jaxon Wietfeld: Hastings College, Business Administration
  • Hannah Williams: UNL, Agri-Business

 CONGRATULATIONS...to the winners of the family memorial scholarships administered by the NBC Foundation are:

  • Jeffery Mines Memorial: Emily Brodd
  • Jim/Sandra Kruger Schoalrship: Jaxon Wietfeld
  • LCF Scholarship Award: Grace Hunke
  • Janet Kavan Memorial: Emily Brodd
  • Darlene Ough Memorial: Jaxon Wietfeld
  • Ladehoff Family Memorial: Kaila Lorence
  • Gene Emanuel Memorial: Jaxon Wietfeld
  • Carol Wilson Memorial: Shyann Rolenc (renewal)



Since 1993, the NBC Foundation has awarded 298 scholarships valued at $212,110 to NBC Graduates. 

Creating Memorial Scholarships

Establishing a memorial scholarship is a great way to recognize a beloved family member or classmate. The NBC Foundation currently administers several memorial scholarships endowed by local families. If you are interested in establishing one, please contact NBC Foundation Board Charaman Jim Havelka at (402) 620-1705 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Prowling Pen

The NBC Foundation is proud to support the Prowling Pen, NBC's literary magazine produced by Seniors in Suzy Morgan's English class.  The word ticket poems like the one above reflect some of the best thoughts of our Seniors.  Your donations allow us to fund printing of the Prowling Pen.



CIVIL ARE RE-ENACTOR...Brandon Keller of Missouri Valley displays items that Civil War soldiers would have been familiar with as part of the Civil War Day at NBC in April. NBC teachers Dan Wright and Ken Streff coordinated the activity which enabled elementary and secondary students to learn about authentic weapons, uniforms, and other artifacts.  The project was funded by a grant from the NBC Foundation.

NBC Middle Schoolers Leah Ovbershaw and Keegan Keating reported on Chinese Dynasties at the NBC Wax Museum this year.  Students displyed information on historical individuals or eras and collected money for a charity from their viewers.  Language Arts Teacher Melissa Cody facilitates the Wax Museum project which is funded by a grant from the NBC Foundation.

Teacher Projects Grants Awarded

The NBC Foundation Board approved 20 teacher-initiated project grants totaling more than $15,000 at its meeting in April.  Endowments from the Kay Eveland Memorial Fund and the new Steve Richardson Tearchers' Fund as well as the Foundation's general account fund the projects.  This year's projects include:

  • "Make Your Bed..." supplimentary text (Katie Wright)
  • Science Proficiency Frameworks (Michelle Gall) - Steve Richardson Fund
  • Flexible Seating in Second Grade (Kinsey Wemhoff)
  • College Visits and Scholarship Writing Nights (Chris Gaughen)
  • Plum Creek Festival Books/Accelerated Reader Rewards (Chris Gross-Rhode)
  • March Madness Book Contest (Becky Streff)
  • Turnitin Research Tool (English Teachers)
  • Future Problem-Solvers (Melissa Cody)
  • Middle School Wax Museum (Melissa Cody)
  • Yearbook Technology (Stacy Ray)
  • Prowling Pen (Suzy Morgan)
  • Sensory Processing (SPACE) materials (Marissa Ortmeier)
  • iPad/Apple Pencil Devices (English Staff) - Kay Eveland Fund
  • Traveling the Oregon Trail (Jana Post/Katie Mann)
  • NBC Speech Camp (Ross Lafleur)
  • Heart-rate Monitors in PE (Craig Schmeckpeper)
  • Lauritzen Gardens Field Trip (Amy Ferguson)


Kay Eveland Fund Project

A unique teacher project, developing Vesumes, was awarded a grant from the Kay Eveland Memorial Fund administered by the NBC Foundation.  Vesumes are video resumes and are being produced in Katie Wright's Career Education classes.  Above, NBC Senior Justin Drake prepares his Vesume.

Richardson Fund Established

Our thanks to Mark and Jessica Richardson for creating the Steve Richardson Teachers' Fund within the NBC Foundation to promote academic and student activities teacher projects.  The Fund can provide up to $2,500 per year in grants for approved projects.  The initial grant awarded by the Foundation Board includes materials for creating Science curriculum revision.

Thank You, NBC Foundation Contributors.

THANK YOUto all who have donated to the NBC Foundation since our December  newsletter, including:  Lon/Carol Bohling, Ruby Kavan Urban, Lavonne Ladehoff and Family, Brad/Kathy Martindale, Don/Diane Soukup, Magdaline Svec, Steve/Mary Le Arneal, Steve/Bev Grueber, Bunko Babes/NB Book Club, Robert/Lee Ann Emanuel, Charles/Janice Vopalensky, Jim/Linda Havelka, Marv/Janet Porter, Mike/Claire Eason, Jim/Ann Minarick, Gaylen/Cyndi Johnson, Tom/Kathy Mensik, Mark Johnson, Jerry/Ann Halladay, Darlene Virka Becker, Rob Williams, Larry Dolezal, Ron/Rita Freeman, Chuck/Sue Emanuel, Paul/Margie Emanuel, Mary Robinson, Rick/Jan Hobza, Janet Brabec, Vernelle Werblow, Emmett/Mary Powers, Gary/Robin Widhelm, Susan Emanuel, Mrs. Gene F. Emanuel, Tim McCoy, Jim/Brenda Robinson, Larry/Cheryl Feala, VFW Auxiliary, Steven/Michael Powers, Mark/Jessica Richardson, Scott Eveland, Nicole/Chinton Desai, Bob/Linda Bendig, Jon/Mary Buller, Mick Tank, John W. Wilson, Tim/Amy Rezincek, Donald Vopalensky, Jerry/Cecilia Hall, Rick Tank, Mary Flamme, Don/Deb Andrews, Bill/Rita Peters, Larry/Carolyn Peters, Mike/Jodi Dorcey, Sharon Cody, Gene/Nancy Sic, Jean Foy, Virginia Livingston, Bob/Marilyn Shanahan, Glen/ Jeanne Dirkschneider, Jay Feala, Gary/Sue Stubbs, John/Jane Vyhlidal, Desiree Stednitz, Tim/Revel Chapman, Mike/Suzanne Allan, David Bauer, Justin/Amy Taylor, Todd/Marcella Kmiecik, Jim/Diane hines, Evelyn Rochford Kinney, Mary Robinson, Jeffrey/Randi Mimick, Rollie/MaryAnn Otte, David/Virginia Bacon, Leona Soukup, Kathy Wiekhorst, Rodney/April Rolec, Carol D. Wilson Trust, Arnold Kavan family and Robert/Cynthia Zvacek.

MEMORIALS…Among those memorialized with donations recently were:  Marlene Savio, Harlan Ladehoff, John Wilson, Pat Peters, Jim Lewis, Glen Westerman, Jesse R. Cady, Jim Peters and the Class of 1983, Pam Dolezal, Katie Emanuel, Charles F. Emanuel, Leslie Robinson, Bill Babec, Ed Musiel, Bernice Conkling, Carol Snover, Dennis Emanuel, Gene F. Emanuel, Kay Eveland, class of 1961, Margaret Wielgus, Colette Feala, Jim Widhelm, Lee Snyder, Becky Peters, Arlene Wachal, Naomi Schere, Lisa Archer, Ron Fittje, Harold Soukup, Vlasta Kavan, Betty Harney, Kim Byrd, David Ott, Randy Happel, Elaine Kluthe, Gary Durkop, Gary Durkop, Gordon Beebe, Shirley Pinkney, Frank Zvacek and Helen Spalding
The Board of Trustees

The NBC Foundation is governed by a local Board of Trustees with fiscal oversight from the Fremont Area Community Foundation.  The members serve four-year terms. Members are:

James Havelka, Chairman
Patrice Hines, Secretary
Carol Emanuel
Kenneth Beebe
Robin Widhelm
Mark Flamme
Bob Feurer, NBCPS Board representative
Dr. Dan Endorf, NBCPS Superintendent and Foundation Treasurer