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  I am excited to start this year in North Bend. I have specialized my teaching to serve a native speaker population over the last ten years, and now I am jumping straight into a whole new experience this year. I am already planning how and what I will teach. It will be very different teaching the kids of North Bend because, instead of teaching them how to speak and spell properly and teaching literature and history, I will be teaching my students the very basics- how to communicate in another language. I cannot wait!
Career Educator This will be my 14th year of teaching Spanish. I spent the first two years teaching at Westside in Omaha and the last ten teaching in Schuyler.  Schedule
1st Period
Spanish I
2nd Period
Spanish II
3rd Period
Spanish II
4th Period Spanish I
5th Period Planning
6th Period Spanish 8th
7th Period Spanish II
  Subjects Spanish Teacher  
  Sponshorship's Spanish Club  
  Bachelor Spanish BA , Secondary Ed UNO   
  Masters Curriculum and Instruction Peru State College  
About Me      
  Family I have three grown children, the youngest heading off to UNO this fall. I have too many cats. And two ferrets. :)  
  Hometown  Bellevue, NE