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Career  22 Years of teaching   Schedule
1st Period 6th Science
2nd Period 6th Science
3rd Period Interventions 6-7
4th Period 7th Science
5th Period 7th Science
6th Period Global Science
7th Period Plan
   Eustis-Farnam - 3 years (6th grade, 3rd grade, and Middle School 5th/6th Social Studies  
   Bancroft-Rosalie - 2 years (6th grade)  
   NBC - 16 years (6th grade, Middle School 5th/6th Social Studies, PE K-8, 1st grade and Middle School 6th/7th Science  
Education  Bachelors Degree from UNK  
   Masters Degree from Doane  
 About Me

 Hometown - Spencer, NE

Head Volleyball Coach

Junior High Track Coach

Family- Husband Aaron, Kids Lauren (14) and Drew (12)