Now that was weird??

Do you have  weird things going on with your Chromebook? No Picture? No Power? NO PROBLEM! - NBC has a student ran Helpdesk ready to assist with Chromebook Issues. Submitting a ticket is simple, but first we ask for a couple of steps to be completed before a ticket is submitted. #1. Chromebook has power but weird issues. A) When in doubt completely Power OFF the Chromebook and start back on. To Power Off - click on the user icon in the lower right hand corner - then click on power icon - you will see 'Shut down' when the cursor is hovered over the icon. Click on the Power Icon. Check your issue and see if it remains. B) If the Chromebook is stuck and you are unable to Power Off correctly. Press and Hold on the Power Button in the upper right corner on the key board until the Chromebook powers off. DO NOT use this method for normal shut down, only use if your unable to move around on the chromebook. #2- If the Chromebook is not turning on - A) Charge the Chromebook, make sure the power cord is fully plugged into Chromebook and outlet. Make sure the outlet has power. B) Press and hold onto the power button for several seconds longer than you normally would. 

Chromebook still having issues? Put in a ticket. 

Steps to entering a ticket:

Click on the Helpdesk image on this page

Log in with your school provided username : firstname.lastname and password 

Once logged into the system click on the tab on the top of the screen - Create a Ticket OR click on the Create a Ticket plus icon on the screen. 

Fill out the form. Leave Type, Category, Hardware Type, and Location as the default, the Helpdesk team will fill that portion out if needed. Enter in a brief Title and DETAILED DESCRIPTION. Please be as detailed as possible in the description. Chromebook keyboard letter N does not click is a good description, Chromebook does not work - is a bad description. Attach any files that might help us solve the Ticket. Submit message when finished. 

After the Ticket is Submitted - place the Chromebook in the designated Middle School Spot. Our support staff will work on as available. We will not work on a Chromebook unless a ticket is submitted. The school computer lab is available at 7:30 AM for students to enter tickets before the start of school. 

If your student needs a Chromebook for class - ask a teacher for a loaner Chromebook. Loaner Chromebooks may be taken home but fees have been paid, BUT loaner Chromebooks still apply towards signed contract obligations. 

When your Chromebook is complete students will be contacted by help desk either via email or in person.