Elementary Para Educator

Full / Part Time

North Bend Central Public Schools
Galen Boldt, Superintendent
P.O. Box 160
North Bend, NE 68649
E-mail: gboldt@nbtigers.org
Phone: 402/ 652-3268

Assisting teachers with drill and practice activities, classroom management tasks, classroom organization tasks such as preparing bulletin boards, and clerical tasks.

Providing attention, as directed, to students experiencing adjustment and learning problems.

Working one-to-one or in small groups with students following lessons developed by the classroom teacher.

Assisting students in developing social skills and practical living skills.

Performing such other duties as the Principal or teachers may require.

Coordinating with the teachers on developing plans for each student's educational program.

Assisting teachers in the development of curriculum support materials.

Assist teachers in the tasks of keeping records of student work completed and student progress.

Performing clerical and student supervision duties as needed in the classroom, school building and grounds.