Infinite Campus Info

Infinite Campus is a secure online tool that North Bend schools use to track and manage student information. It is the official SIS for the District for all grade levels.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal is an easy-to-use online resource for parents. Through the portal, parents can access their child's attendance, grades, and schedule.

How do I access the Parent Portal?
Parents, guardians, and students can login to the system.

How do I create a user account?
Each parent or student in the district can get an Infinite Campus username to login to the system to check out your student's progress and grades.

The school has sent out letters with Activation Codes to setup your campus account on your own. If you haven't setup an account and would like to, please contact your school's front office or submit the form below. They can assist in setting up an account without the Activation Codes.

What if I have multiple students?
Parents of multiple students are now able to view students one at a time. Navigating between students is made easy with the "Switch Students" button, allowing easy access to each student's information.

Password Reset Requests
To have your Infinite Campus password reset, please submit the form to have your password reset. Allow up to 24 hours for the password reset to take effect.

Campus User Account Setup
If you do not have a campus account to check your student's grades, please submit the form to start the setup process or contact your schools front office. If you submit an online request, please allow up to 24 hours for the account to be created.

Go Mobile *before you go Mobile follow How do I create user account steps*
Step 1: Download the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal application form any of the following app stores: Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon app store for Android.
Step 2: Launch the Campus App and Enter your District ID, Select Settings, Enter your District ID GMMPWK
Step 3: Enter Portal Account Sign In. Enter your Campus Portal Username and Password, Select Log In Sign In