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On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to welcome you to the North Bend Central Foundation’s web page. We hope you’ll learn a lot about the Foundation and consider making a donation to help us provide scholarships and fund projects that benefit North Bend Central Public School students. And, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at “NBC Foundation”.

Thank you.  
–Jim Havelka
Board of Trustees Chairman

Jim Havelka, Board of Trustees Chairman

About the NBC Foundation

The NBC Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees.  Members include  Jim Havelka, Chairman; Patrice Hines, Secretary;  Patrick Ningen, Superintendent; Bob Feurer, NBCPS Board Representative; Mick Tank, Carol Emanuel, Mark Flamme, Jan Hobza, and Robin Widhelm.  Members serve four-year terms.

The North Bend Central Foundation is a non-profit PK-12 educational foundation whose purposes include providing college scholarships to graduates of NBC High School and funding teacher-initiated projects that benefit the students of North Bend Central Public Schools.  The Foundation was formed in 1988 and became an affiliate of the Fremont Area Community Foundation in 2001.  Since its inception, the NBC Foundation has awarded more than 360 scholarships valued at about  $296,000, and awarded approximately $164,000  in grants for teacher projects.

The NBC Foundation is NOT a governmental unit and does not receive any tax support. Donations from alumni, community members, and other patrons are its main source of revenue. The Foundation’s assets are divided into a general operating fund which finances the annual Board of Trustees scholarships and teacher-initiated project grants, several family memorial scholarship accounts, and the Kay Eveland Memorial Fund and Steve Richardson Teacher Fund, both of which support additional teacher projects and professional development. The NBC Foundation is affiliated with the Fremont Area Community Foundation for fund management and investment. All donations to the NBC Foundation are fully tax-deductible. The Foundation has no paid staff.

Learning Opportunities

The NBC Foundation supports numerous opportunities throughout the school year and summer for the students of North Bend Central Public Schools. Among the opportunities in 2023-24 were visits to UNL's Morrill Hall for second graders and fifth graders. Here, NBC fifth graders learn how paleontologists search for fossils on a simulated dig at the museum.

Fifth Grade Paleontologists

Contributing to the NBC Foundation

Thanks once again to the generosity of our contributors, the NBC Foundation was able to provide a tremendous amount of support for students and staff at North Bend Central Public Schools this coming year.  For 2024-25 approximately $50,000 has been budgeted for Foundation activities by the NBC Foundation Board.  That figure includes $30,000 in Foundation scholarships and family memorial scholarships administered by the Foundation,  approximately $17,000  in new and ongoing teacher project grants.   Details on the scholarships and teacher project grants approved in April can be found on this web page.   The recent growth of the Foundation has been tremendous and it’s all because YOU – our generous contributors – have come through for our school. 

Will you help again this year?

Every $25, $50, or $100 donation generates full or partial matching funds and directly benefits North Bend Central Public Schools students and teachers.   Contributions are fully tax deductible because of our affiliation with the Fremont Area Community Foundation.  The NBC Foundation is NOT a governmental unit and receives no tax support. 

Contributions can be sent to the Foundation via the NBCPS Superintendent’s Office.  A donation form is provided below for your convenience.  Your support for the Foundation’s scholarships and project grants will be greatly appreciated. 

Bountiful Harvests Can Yield Opportunities

Cash isn’t the only way to contribute to the NBC Foundation -- sometimes giving a commodity makes good economic sense.   Farmers can make an “above the line” (ie. before adjusted gross income) charitable donation of grain to the Foundation.  When sold by the Foundation, the proceeds can be used to fund our scholarships or teacher projects.  Recently, a local farm family endowed a long-term scholarship with a gift of corn.  For further information on how to make a Gift of Grain, contact Foundation Board Chairman Jim Havelka at (402) 620-1705 or email Jim Havelka.

Charitable IRA Contributions

If you, like many of us, are old enough to have to take Required Minimum Distributions from your IRA account, consider a Qualified Charitable Donation (QCD). You can donate to a 501c3 charity like the NBC Foundation and avoid paying federal income taxes on your RMD. What a great way to endow a family memorial scholarship or make a general contribution to the NBC Foundation! You can transfer up to $100,000 from your IRA to a qualified charity. Talk to your financial advisor and, if you have questions about the NBC Foundation, reach out to NBC Foundation Board Chairman at (402) 620-1705 or jhavelka@gpcom.net.

The Kinman-Oldfield Challenge

The NBC Foundation benefits each year from a matching grant from the Kinman-Oldfield Foundation.   Kinman-Oldfield matches the first $2,000 we raise in local funds at 100 percent and each additional $1,000 at 25 percent.  For 2024 we have applied for a $5,000 matching grant which, combined with local donations, will allow the NBC Foundation to award a record amount in scholarships and grants to NBCPS students and teachers.  Thanks again, NBC Foundation donors!

Fremont Area Big Give Helps NBC Foundation

The Fremont Area Big Give was very successful for the NBC Foundation in 2024, yielding more than $3,700 to support Foundation scholarships and teacher projects.  Thanks to all who donated, including: Mick Tank, Ken/Pat Beebe, Deanna Wolf, Katy Bode, Platte Valley Bank, Fred/Lois Lambley, Steve/Mary Le Arneal, Jim/Ann Minarick, Jerry/Cecilia Hall, Steve/Cheryl Wietfeld, Havelka Educational Services, Steve/Sharen Minarick, Neil Hines, Jim/Brenda Robinson, Linda Havelka, Steve/Bev Grueber, Don/Deb Andrews, Mark/Patrice Hines, Mark Flamme, John/Mary Buller, Gary/Robin Widhelm, Drew Hines, Emily Hines, Cara Hines, Janice Vopalensky, Christina Minarick, Adeline Hines, Bob Feurer, Rick/Jan Hobza, Carol Emanuel, Paul/Margie Emanuel, Melissa Powell, Jeff/Randi Mimick, Brent Karnatz, Tom/Marlene Johnson, Rich/Melissa Samuelson, Christina Liekhus, Larry/Pat Ruzicka, Jim/Diane Hines, Lon/Carol Bohling, Melissa Cody, Eric/Laura Chvatal, Patrick/Laurie Ningen, John/Nancy Hines, Amy Reznicek, Barbara Soukup, Jordan/Kelli Emanuel,  Leigh Feala, Larry/Cheryl Feala, and thanks for employee matching funds from First National Bank of Omaha and Pinnacle Bank.

NBC Foundation Newsletter

     Click on the button below for the NBC Foundation’s Spring Newsletter.  We hope you’ll enjoy reading more about NBC Foundation activities and that you’ll consider a contribution to further the Foundation’s work for North Bend Central Public Schools.

Class of 2024 Awarded Scholarships

Class of 2024 Awarded Scholarships

Winners of the Board scholarships and their college plans are: 

  • Nolan Williams: UNL, Agricultural Economics/Pre-Law

  • Brady Jedlicka: UNO, Aviation - Professional Flight/Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • Kate Peters: UNO, Elementary Education (STEM Concentration)

  • Tristan Anderson: UNL, Business and Law

  • Cassandra Burbach: UNL, Pre-Health

  • Josie Cleveringa: Washburn University, Radiologic Technology

  • Akryn Bourek: Iowa State, Aerospace Engineering

  • Sam Post: UNL, Undecided

  • Zac Pospisil: Southeast Community College, Ag Diesel Mechanics

  • Christina Kavan: South Dakota State, Human Biology

CONGRATULATIONS…to these 2024 Seniors who earned NBC Foundation scholarships. 

Winners of the family memorial scholarships administered by the NBC Foundation are:

  • Darlene Ough Memorial Scholarship, 2024: Cassandra Burbach

  • Thomas E. Wolf Memorial Scholarship: Zac Pospisil

  • Jeffrey Mines Memorial Scholarship: Brady Jedlicka

  • Jim/Sandra Kruger Scholarship:  Sam Post

  • Janet Kavan Memorial Scholarship: Christina Kavan 

  • Carol Wilson Memorial Scholarship: Paige Bunn, Natalie Knapp (renewal)

  • Ladehoff Family Memorial Scholarship: Kate Peters

  • Gene Emanuel Memorial Scholarship: Nolan Williams

  • LCF Traditional Scholarship Award:  Christina Kavan

  • LCF Vocational Scholarship: Zac Pospisil

  • Anne Simanek Memorial Career/Technical Scholarship:  Zac Pospisil

  • Anne Simanek Memorial STEAM Scholarship: Cassandra Burbach

Class of 2023 Awarded Scholarships

Creating Memorial Scholarships

The NBC Foundation Board would like to thank all the families who endow memorial scholarships administered by the Foundation.  This year’s new scholarship is the Thomas E. Wolf Memorial Scholarship targeted toward students majoring in business/finance or agriculture and who plan to build their careers in rural Nebraska.      

Establishing a memorial scholarship is a great way to recognize a beloved family member or classmate.  If you are interested in establishing one, please contact Board Chairman Jim Havelka at (402) 620-1705 or email Jim Havelka.

Prowling Pen

The NBC Foundation is proud to support the Prowling Pen, NBC’s literary magazine produced by Seniors in Suzy Morgan’s English class.  The poems like the one below reflect some of the best thoughts of our Seniors.   Your donations allow us to fund printing of the Prowling Pen.

Sarah Voss Prowling Pen Poem

Teacher Projects Grants Awarded

     The NBC Foundation Board approved teacher-initiated project grants totaling nearly $11,000 at its meeting in April and renewed ongoing grants totaling another $6,600.  This year’s project grants  include: 

  • Prowling Pen Literary Magazine (Suzy Morgan)

  • Girls on the Run (Marissa Ortmeier)

  • MathCounts Competition (Aubry Miller)

  • Middle School STEM Camp (Aubry Miller)

  • Central Honors Institute (Jennifer Karnatz)

  • Robotics (Becky Streff)

  • Learning Outside of Class (Becky Streff)

  • Birds of Prey (Kinsey Wemhoff)

  • Tornado Preparedness (Becky Streff)

  • Morrill Hall Trip (Amy Ferguson)

  • Future Problem Solving (Melissa Cody)

  • College Visits (Chris Gaughen)

  • Scholarship Advising/Writing Nights (Chris Gaughen)

  • Traveling the Oregon Trail (Katie Scholl; Jana Post)

  • Wildlife Encounter (Katie Scholl; Jana Post)

  • Bird Sanctuary (Katie Scholl; Jana Post)

  • Scholarship Writing Nights (Chris Gaughen)

Carry-Over and Continuing Grants:

  • Greenhouse Grant (DJ Mottl)

  • Appcentri Scholarship Software (Chris Gaughen)

  • Dean Jacobs Goal-Setting Program (Brenda Petersen)

  • "Tall Cop Says Stop" (Beth Vrana)

Funding for some of the grants comes from the Kay Eveland Memorial Fund and the Steve Richardson Teacher Fund, and the NBC Teacher Fund administered by the Foundation.

NBC Teacher Project Fund

A recent donation of $10,000 to the NBC Foundation by a local donor allowed the creation of the NBC Teacher Project Fund. The NBC Foundation Board plans to set aside $2,500 a year for the next four years to fund innovative teacher projects. Among the projects proposed for grants from the new fund are tuition assistance for students attending Central Honors Institute at Platte College this summer.

Project Pictures

A Perplexing Task

NBC Middle School Student Drew Sterup and his partner try to identify bird calls as part of the Science track at Central Honors Institute, a summer program for area middle schoolers at Platte College. Eleven NBC students attended CHI and received tuition assistance from the NBC Foundation.

CHI Participants

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run

North Bend Elementary students work through a warm-up activity for "Girls on the Run," a fitness and social skills development program for girls in Grades 3-5 sponsored by Teacher Marissa Ortmeier. The program includes a 5K run in November. An NBC Foundation grand covered some of the fees and other costs.

Vision Testing

Thanks to a Plusoptic Vision Screener purchased with an NBC Foundation Grant, NBE Nurse Beth Vrana will have the results of this student's annual vision screening within seconds and, if vision issues are identified she can quickly contact the student's parents.

Vision Screening

Kay Eveland Fund Projects


Fourteen 6th and 7th graders attended the first NBC Middle School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) camp, sponsored by STEM Teacher Aubrey Miller in 2023. The kids had a great time blasting off with straw and stomp rockets, building self-propelled Mars rovers, creating floating and water-resistant crew vehicles, and learning a great deal about life in outer space. The STEM Camp was funded by a grant from the NBC Foundation.

Kay Eveland Fund Projects

Several years ago,  the family of Kay Eveland established an endowment within the NBC Foundation to support teacher professional development and supplementary curriculum materials for teachers.  Among the 2024 projects supported by the Eveland Fund, the second annual NBC MathCounts competition organized by NBC Math Teacher Aubry Miller. Students from NBC, Douglas County West, and Fremont Middle School participated. NBC students won 7 of the 10 individual awards and first and third place team awards.

MathCounts Team

Richardson Fund Project

Recently,  Mark and Jessica Richardson created the Steve Richardson Teachers’ Fund within the NBC Foundation to promote academic and student activities teacher projects. A focus of the Richardson Fund is Science learning opportunities. Here, an NBE Fourth Grader holds an alligator during a Wildlife Encounter presentation. A Richardson Fund Grant made this project possible. Fourth Grade Teachers Jana Post and Katie Scholl taught a unit on animal defense mechanisms and organized the wildlife visit.   

Wildlife encounter

Mr. Cunningham's Corner

A generous donation by the family of the late Dean Cunningham, former North Bend Elementary School Administrator (1994-96) led to the creation of "Mr. Cunningham's Corner," a portion of the elementary school library dedicated to recreational reading. NBE Media Specialist Sarah Castillo found relaxing furniture, decor, and reading materials to promote the love of reading that Mr. Cunningham inspired. Mark and Mike Cunningham represented the family at the dedication of the Corner in November.

Cunningham Corner

The Board of Trustees

The NBC Foundation is governed by a local Board of Trustees with fiscal oversight from the Fremont Area Community Foundation. The members serve four-year terms. Members are: Back): Patrick Ningen, Superintendent; Mick Tank, Mark Flamme and Jim Havelka, Board Chariman; (Front): Robin Widhelm, Patrice Hines, Secretary; Jan Hobza, and Carol Emanuel. Not pictured: NBCPS Board of Education representative Bob Feurer.

NBC Foundation