2021-2022 Info

Covid-19/Return to School Plan

(From August, 2021)

During the summer months of 2020, North Bend Central Public Schools engaged in a collaborative process involving the Board of Education's Coronavirus Committee, a Return to School Committee comprised of staff members, as well as receiving input from students, parents, community members, and local health professionals. The result was a document made available on the school's webpage entitled, "School Operations Guide and Risk Dial" for the 2020-21 school year.  Updates were provided to stakeholders by an electronic messaging system called TigerTalk that communicated to district stakeholders through voice call, text and email.

As we transition to the 2021-22 school year and beyond, North Bend Central will continue to update its plan and seek to address any needs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in collaboration with its school community.  The original plan will remain intact and modifications to the plan for subsequent school years will be made to reflect changing circumstances and guidance.  Please provide input below to help NBC shape the health and safety protocols used in the district.

Further, North Bend Central intends to use federal ARP ESSER resources in accordance with the established parameters to address student learning needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic and to promote health and safety for all who use the district buildings and campuses.

Below is a link to the 2021-22 Return to School Plan and a corresponding questionnaire for you to provide feedback on the plan.

Please contact Patrick Ningen, North Bend Central Superintendent, at 402-652-3268 if you have questions.