**July 31,2020**

We are all thrilled to present plans for the re-opening of school set to take place on Tuesday, August 18th!  Enclosed in this document are the up-to-the-moment plans we have in place for students as they arrive to NBC for their first day of school.  Many employees around the district have worked diligently to prepare an exemplary education for our students under the current conditions, and the outline of these plans are listed in the current draft of our document.

As with every other school district, business, and family in America, NBC will need to be open to change and flexible enough to modify our approach to school on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis based on the impact of the virus.  Therefore, NBC will be using a ‘Risk Dial’ to assess the current impact the coronavirus is having on our communities and the two school buildings in a similar fashion to the Risk Dials incorporated by Three Rivers Health Department and most area schools.  On one end of the Risk Dial spectrum, GREEN will signal that there are ‘Low’ numbers of COVID cases within the area, that Three Rivers Health data shows stability in positive cases, there is minimal impact on the health care system and other potential variables that may emerge.  The YELLOW color means ‘Moderate’ and acknowledges things aren’t as going as well as they were in GREEN, yet displays stability in the NBC region.  YELLOW means there is limited community spread and COVID is having a small impact on the healthcare industry.  The third color is ORANGE meaning ‘High’ and it displays increasing numbers of cases and quarantines with regional spread.  Clusters or outbreaks in the area are worrisome and measures must be taken to minimize the COVID impact.  Finally, the RED Zone means a ’Severe’ situation is presented to the district.  Widespread community or school transmission of COVID is occurring and the local healthcare system is overwhelmed.  School would move to an e-learning format at that time and the school buildings closed temporarily.  A committee of the Board will meet with school administration each Thursday to assess the Three Rivers Health Department report and then analyze our current situation in the district (student and staff attendance rates, for example) and set the Risk Dial for the next seven days.  Of course, the Risk Dial could change on any day of the week due to a spike in positive cases or other happenings. ... CLICK TO READ MORE







School Reopening News
July 17, 2020

Great news!  The Board of Education voted last Monday night to begin school face-to-face on the originally scheduled day of August 18, 2020.  With that direction in mind, we are all well aware that this school year will be anything but typical at NBC.  Being able to adjust to a spike or reduction in positive coronavirus cases will be critical.  I have great confidence that NBC students will have a great school year under the circumstances if we all work together.




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The Mission of 'Building Success Together' is central to the success of North Bend Central Public Schools. The Togetherness begins with four goals developed by the Board of Education: Technology Advancement; Facilities Improvements; Professional Development; and, Career Education. Assessment data displays tremendous student achievement, with academic expectations a critical piece of the district's mission. Check out NBC's tradition of academic success and progress related to the four Board goals -- you will like what you see!


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