• Wednesday June 29th
    Football Skills
    7:30-8:30 am
    Passing League
    8:45 am @ Lakeview
    Girls Basketball Open Gym
    9-10:30 am
    Cheer/Dance Camp
    9th Volleyball
    @ Waverly Team Camp
    @ Wilbur Duals
  • Thursday June 30th
    6th-12th Boys Basketball Skills
    7-8 am
    Volleyball Open Gym
    8-9:30 am
  • Friday July 1st
    Cheer/Dance Camp
  • Saturday July 2nd
    Cheer/Dance Car Wash 
  • Tuesday July 5th
    Middle School Boys Basketball Skills
    7-8 am
    Girls Basketball League
    @ Scotus
    Boys Basketball League
    @ Bergan 
  • Thursday July 7th
    Volleyball Team Camp
    6-8 pm @ NBC
    Middle School Boys Basketball Skills
    7-8 am
  • Friday July 8th
    @ Wayne Team Camp



Tiger Arena will be CLOSED for floor refinishing from June 27th thru July 5th

Details: 25 free student tickets available for the show only,. The show is at 7:00pm and will feature the following drum corps Cavaliers,Colts,Oregon Crusaders, Santa Clara Vanguard, and Troopers. We will only attend the show if we have enough 8-12 Band students who are interested in going. The bus would leave from the high school at 4:45 pm and return to the high school afterwards around 10:30 to 11:00 pm.

Report Cards at NBC are ready to be Picked Up
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Welcome to North Bend Central
"Building Success Together"

Vision Statement:

  • Acquire foundational academic skills
  • Inspire students to develop goals and become life-long learners
  • Embrace self-worth & a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop technological skills to meet the needs of an evolving society
  • Utilize problem solving skills that enable a student to make educated decisions
  • Demonstrate responsible citizenship within the community and globally  
  • Foster an environment that is accepting of all individuals and cultures
  • Enhance each student’s unique gifts and interests
It's a great time to be an NBC Tiger!   North Bend Central Public Schools staff and students not only claim this statement but also believe it ...  and the Board of Education has put their ‘exclamation point’ on it by continuing to follow the school district’s Mission Statement of ‘Building Success Together’.  In their effort to develop and support the ‘Togetherness’, the Board has selected these four goals:  Technology; Facilities Improvements; The Marzano Instructional Model; and Career Education.  The replacement of computer labs with new models, updated football lights and new, modern and safe bleachers, improved parking at the elementary, advances with Marzano, and a sparkling new Career Education program and teacher---the SUCCESS continues to BUILD at NBC!

District population continues to rise at historic rates with K - 12 enrollment skyrocketing from 460 students nine years ago to 632 students at the end of the 2015-16 school year.  The district preschool begins its fourth year of service in 2016-17 as well.  

Assessment data displays tremendous student achievement throughout the district, with academic expectations a critical piece of the district's mission.  Check out NBC's tradition of academic success for yourself -- you will like what you see!

NBC, located 45 minutes from both Lincoln and Omaha, is a thriving school system in the midst of a new era of excellence by Building Success Together.  Indeed, it's a great time to be an NBC Tiger!